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Eerie moment top Arkansas psychiatrist Dr. Brian Hyatt ‘pretends to visit patients he had locked in hospital units’ – as 26 victims claim he had them shut away for days or WEEKS as part of sick $800k Medicaid scam
By Melissa Koenig
July 24, 2023

— Excerpt

A top Arkansas psychiatrist has been accused of holding two dozen patients against their will for days and weeks as part of an $800,000 Medicaid scam, lawsuits claim.

Dr. Brian Hyatt, 50, faces suits from at least 26 victims who claim they were held for days, and sometimes weeks, in his unit at Northwest Medical Center.

‘They sent in four nurses, techs and they each grabbed my arms and my legs and held me down on my stomach and shot me up with a sedative,’ one victim who was held for five days claimed.

The once-prominent psychiatrist is being investigated by the Arkansas Attorney General’s office for allegedly running an insurance scam where he claimed to treat patients he rarely saw and then billing Medicaid at the ‘highest severity code on every patient’ to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Hyatt has since resigned from his position as chairman of the Arkansas State Medical Board and was ‘abruptly terminated’ from his position at the hospital…