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Mt. Kisco surgeon, Pearl River psychiatrist cited by state
Mar 18, 2013

Queens Child Psychiatric Center

Queens Child Psychiatric Center

A Mount Kisco plastic surgeon who failed to monitor a patient during a facelift and a Pearl River psychiatrist who allegedly had inappropriate relationships with patients for 25 years have been cited by the state Department of Health.

The separate cases involve Dr. Sharon Dechiara, who practices plastic surgery in Mount Kisco and Dr. Kendon W. Smith, a psychiatrist in Pearl River who formerly lived in Mount Vernon and practiced medicine at a state-run center in Queens, records show.

Dechiara, 54, was censured, reprimanded and put on professional probation for 36 months beginning last week. She did not contest a charge of “negligence on more than one occasion,” according to records.

While she is on probation, she can only provide medical care if she is supervised by another physician.

The state alleged that she failed to provide proper care to two patients.

The first case occurred on July 6, 2010, when she was performing surgery in an office at 3010 Westchester Ave., Purchase. State officials said that she failed to have the proper equipment and staff on hand to handle an emergency that occurred when she was doing a facelift, upper eyelid lift and neck liposuction. She also failed to have intravenous access to the patient and failed to properly monitor the patient, according to records.

In a second case instance cited by the state, Dechiara failed to give anticoagulation medication to a patient undergoing abdominal and breast reduction. That surgery took place in August 2005 at Northern Westchester Hospital Center.

A spokesman for the hospital said Dechiara is no longer on staff.

Dechiara agreed with the allegations in the first case, but not the second, records show. Her lawyer, Thomas Gallo of Westbury, N.Y., declined comment.

In the second case against a physician from the Lower Hudson Valley, Dr. Kendon Smith agreed to surrender his medical license as of last week.

He did not contest the charge of negligence on more than one occasion, records show.

The state alleged that from 1987 to 2012, Smith, “engaged in inappropriate relationships and/or committed boundary violations with patients and prescribed controlled substances inappropriately.”

His lawyer, Rachel Fernbach of Garden City, N.Y., did not respond to a request for comment.

It does not appear that Smith was on staff at any hospital in Rockland. Records show that he worked for the state-run Queens Child Psychiatric Center.

Smith, 77, retired in 1999 and receives an annual state pension of nearly $58,000, records show.