Okon Umoh

Gazette Standard
Essex psychiatrist accused of forging patient’s signature
August 23, 2021
By Charlie Ridler

— Excerpt

An Essex psychiatrist who faked a signature to obtain a prescription for personal use has been suspended for four months, according to a misconduct report.

Dr Okon Umoh has been suspended for writing a prescription for doxycycline, an antibiotic used to treat malaria, for his own use before travelling to Nigeria.

According to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service report, Dr Umoh had not given himself enough time to obtain the medication through normal channels, but it was not satisfied on the balance of probability he wrote the prescription for financial gain.

Dr Okon Umoh was also accused of applying to register a company and listing the same person, referred to in the reports as Ms A, as a secretary without her consent in November 2016…