Beckley psychiatrist’s license suspended due to inappropriate patient relationship
By Wendy Holdren
June 26, 2017

Psychiatrist Omar Hasan

The West Virginia Board of Medicine has suspended for one year the license of a Beckley psychiatrist due to an inappropriate sexual relationship with a former patient.

Dr. Omar Khalid Hasan of Raleigh Psychiatric Services denied the allegations, but after reviewing testimony presented at a four-day hearing, the board found “clear and convincing evidence” of the relationship.

The board found that Hasan departed from the standards of acceptable medical practice in regard to his outside-the-office communications with the patient and in his failure to document most of his interactions with the patient.

The patient testified during the hearing that her professional relationship with Hasan began in November 2011, but changed to a personal relationship in January 2013.

She testified their sexual relationship ended the following summer because Hasan felt guilty and was afraid of losing his kids, but she said their relationship resumed at the Sleep Clinic.

Evidence presented at the hearing revealed thousands of text message exchanges, in which the inappropriate sexual relationship was illustrated.

Their relationship ended in January 2014. Hasan testified the patient was threatening and harassing his family.

Hasan visited her Jan. 31, 2014, at Beckley ARH after she admitted herself for suicidal ideations. She then requested a transfer of care to Dr. Ahmed Faheem. She told a counselor about the affair, and later told Faheem.

The patient attempted suicide by overdose of prescription pills Feb. 20, 2014.

Hasan denies having had a sexual relationship with the patient, and denies ever meeting her outside the office or hospital. The board, however, found this “is not credible based upon the evidence and testimony produced at the hearing.”

The board found Hasan’s lack of documentation about their communication and his patient’s behavior a violation of the standard of care, and indicative of intentional concealment.

In order to facilitate transition of care for his patients, Hasan’s suspension will begin July 24.

Omar Hasan