Public reprimand for Ontario doctor who ‘brought shame to the profession’ through sexual abuse
By Diana Mehta
January 23, 2017

Psychiatrist – Stanley Dobrowolski

TORONTO — Ontario’s medical watchdog has issued a scathing reprimand against a psychiatrist who sexually abused multiple patients over more than a decade, saying the man brought shame to the profession.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario said Dr. Stanley Thomas Dobrowolski caused “deep anguish and lasting harm” to many patients for “selfish and perverse gratification.”

Dobrowolski had appeared before the committee four times since 1994 but only had his licence to practice revoked in November 2015, after it found his case was “one of the worse cases of egregious misconduct” it had ever dealt with.

Dobrowolski was not present at that time as he was serving a four-year prison sentence after being found guilty of sexual assault in relation to 16 people, voyeurism through surreptitiously making visual recordings of nine, and breaching a court order by conducting physical examinations on 12 patients.

In addition to stripping his licence, the college also planned to reprimand Dobrowolski but — in what a spokeswoman called an unusual move — delayed doing so until Monday in order to give the recently released man a chance to attend the session in Toronto.

His misconduct involved, but wasn’t limited to, fondling the breasts of female patients in a sexual manner during the purported breast exams, the committee said. Dobrowolski also intentionally inserted one or more of his fingers into certain patients’ vaginas on several occasions, the committee said.

“These examinations had no legitimate connection to any medical or psychiatric care being provided to his patients, and were, in fact, for his own sexual purposes,” the committee said, noting that Dobrowolski also recorded images of some patients.

“Female patients who trusted Dr. Dobrowolski to provide psychiatric help during difficult times in their lives were repeatedly violated when Dr. Dobrowolski used hidden cameras to photograph them — with neither their knowledge nor consent — in a naked or semi naked state. Dr. Dobrowolski also touched and fondled these female patients in an inappropriate, sexual manner while secretly recording these touchings as well.”


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