Óscar Francisco Coronado Molina

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El Comercio
Callao: psychiatrist accused of abusing minors continues to work at Hospital San José and his salary is raised
By Mathías Panizo Arana
July 7, 2023

— Excerpt

… Through the corridors of the San José Hospital (HSJ) in Callao walks Óscar Francisco Coronado Molina, a psychiatrist who has multiple complaints of sexual harassment and abuse against him. As much as the dramatic experiences of his victims, including minors, broke out in the press in 2018, Coronado Molina continues with the freedom to exercise and maintains a position in the Chalaco hospital.

Prior to the first accusations against him, Coronado worked in the Medical Department of the San José Hospital, where he met his victims and then referred them to his private office, according to reports at the time. Women and young people with depression and other psychiatric conditions came to it. Little did they know that instead of receiving the expected treatment and getting well, they would become the sexual stimulus of Coronado Molina.

The facts were not only within the walls of his offices, but also remained reflected in the conversations he had with his patients, with clear sexual intentions. He would have even indirectly offered money for them. These messages became the strongest evidence of the complaints against him that shook the country in mid-2018.

Five years later, still as a doctor, Coronado Molina works in the care area of the HSJ, a department that does not have an annex. This was confirmed by El Comercio after trying to contact the doctor at his workplace. According to data collected from the HSJ transparency platform, Coronado Molina receives a monthly salary of 7,185 soles…