The Ottawa Citizen
Doctor used toilet brush, horse whip in sex sessions, complainant testifies
By Chris Cobb

A second male complainant in the sexual assault trial of an Ottawa psychiatrist testified yesterday that the doctor violated him with a toilet brush and horse whip during a series of kinky sex sessions.

The complainant, who by court order cannot be publicly identified, testified that his eyesight was permanently damaged by Dr. Juan Tejeda-Rosario — known as Dr. Tejeda — when the psychiatrist put a white plastic garbage bag over his (the complainant\’s) head in a prelude to oral sex.

In often graphic descriptions of bizarre sexual behaviour, the complainant said he had his genitals tied with rope by Tejeda.

The rope, he alleged, was threaded through his legs, up his back and around his neck, after which the psychiatrist \”walked me around his office like a horse, tapping the horse whip on my rear end.\”

The complainant also described other deviant behaviour with the toilet brush and horse whip.

Tejeda is charged on eight counts, including five of sexual assault and three of sexual assault with a weapon. He has pleaded not guilty.

Another complainant, who was seeing Tejeda for treatment of depression and alcoholism, has already testified about an alleged homosexual affair he had with the psychiatrist.

Tejeda\’s lawyer, David Humphrey, has suggested that the first complainant concocted his story to better his chances with a $3-million civil suit he has filed against the doctor.

The second complainant, who asked to testify from behind a privacy screen to avoid making eye contact with the 65-year-old doctor, said he had sought help from Tejeda after a long period of depression and promiscuity, but eventually fell in love with him.

He testified that Tejeda would insist they hug for long periods during therapy sessions; before the start of one session in the late 1990s, the doctor had kissed him.

\”It was very passionate,\” said the second complainant. \”He engulfed me. His tongue was in my mouth. As soon as he kissed me I needed him to want me as a lover.\” He then alleged that the two stripped and had their first sexual encounter on the psychiatrist\’s couch. Subsequent encounters, he alleged, included oral and unprotected anal sex.

The second complainant, who is HIV-positive, added that the psychiatrist was generous with money, supplementing his social-assistance benefits and paying for cosmetic dental surgery. He said he last saw Tejeda in 2006.

The trial continues Monday with cross-examination by the defence.