Psychiatrist Pablo Santos García Gutiérrez

Psychiatrist Pablo Santos García Gutiérrez

The Yucantan Times
Murder of a Psychiatrist, the case that has shocked Mérida
August 29th, 2014

The trial that will determine the guilt or innocence of psychiatrists Enrique Lara Gonzalez and Pablo Santos García Gutiérrez for the murder of their colleague Felipe de Jesus Triay Peniche will take place in February 2015.

After Judge Luis Mugarte Guerrero determined that there are grounds for believing that the suspects are guilty, psychiatrists Pablo Santos García Gutiérrez, alleged perpetrator of the murder, and Enrique Lara Gonzalez, the alleged mastermind, will remain incarcerated for six months in Merida’s Centro de Readaptación Social “Cereso” awaiting trial in which Judge Luis Mugarte Guerrero will pass judgment and hand down their sentences for the crime.

During that time, the prosecution will gather evidence, conduct studies, surveys, interviews, tests and profiles to prove the accused guilty. The prosecution is asking for the maximum penalty, which is 40 years in prison for the two men involved in the murder: García Gutiérrez who is alleged to have murdered the victim and disposed of the body, and Lara Gonzalez, for participating as the mastermind. Repairing the damage to the family could amount to more than $2 million pesos (approximately $160,000 USD).

According to the police investigation, Lara González, President of the College of Psychiatrists of Yucatán, allegedly arranged the murder Dr. Felipe de Jesus Triay Peniche, for which he agreed to pay García Gutiérrez $150,000 pesos (approximately $12,000 USD) for carrying out the deed, beginning with an upfront payment of $60,000 (approximately $4,800 USD) pesos in cash.

There is still a possibility that the case will go before the Supreme Court of Justice and the National Commission of Human Rights, since Garcia Gutierrez claimed he was tortured into signing a confession by masked police officers.

García Gutiérrez will be discharged from the two public institutions where he worked, the “Ignacio García Téllez” IMSS Hospital, and the Psychiatric Hospital of Yucatán. Records indicate that he has no prior criminal record.

The apartment on Calle 25 (between 20 and 22) in Colonia García Ginerés, which was leased by García Gutiérrez, has been classified as a crime scene by the prosecution because they believe it is where the murder was committed. As a result, the owners cannot use, rent or sell the property for the next six months.

Enrique Lara Gonzalez