Pamela Buchbinder

New York Post
NYC psychiatrist sentenced in baby daddy’s sledgehammer attack —despite desperate attempt to withdraw plea
By Elizabeth Rosner and Emily Crane
October 11, 2022

— Excerpt

A Manhattan psychiatrist was sentenced to 11 years in prison Tuesday for her role in the grisly sledgehammer attack of her baby daddy nearly a decade ago.

Pamela Buchbinder, 52, finally learned her fate in the sensational 2012 love-gone-wrong case — despite a last-ditch, unhinged effort to reverse her guilty plea.

The disgraced psychiatrist admitted last month to being involved in the attempted murder scheme on her ex-lover and fellow shrink, Dr. Michael Weiss.

But during her sentencing in Manhattan Supreme Court, Buchbinder suddenly tried to withdraw her plea and fire her lawyers after claiming she hadn’t taken her meds on the day she agreed to the deal.

She also tried to insist she was high off second-hand smoke that day because people in the holding facility had been smoking synthetic marijuana near her.

A furious Justice Thomas Farber quickly rejected her motion, saying Buchbinder “appeared perfectly fine and perfectly coherent” when she agreed to the plea deal…