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Child psychiatrist suspected of sexual assault: 5 years in prison in Poitiers
October 17, 2019

The prosecution of Poitiers has required 5 years in prison for “staggered acts, unnecessary to the pathology of patients” against the expert in child psychiatry, Philippe Jouin, tried Thursday, October 16, 2019 in the Criminal Court of Poitiers for five alleged sexual assault “by person abusing the authority conferred on him by his office”, between September 2010 and January 2014.

The expert has carried out nearly 10,000 expertise for the Vendée judicial institutions for more than thirty years. Is he the “wicked voyeur” described by a college of experts under cover of medical exams?

The Poitevin magistrates put the case under advisement to 21 November 2019.

Now 71 years old, written off by his Council of the Order in 2015, Philippe Jouin had been suspected of the facts of sexual assault following administrative investigations launched in January 2014 by the Regional Health Agency (ARS ) following medical acts considered “displaced. The management of the Georges Mazurelle hospital in La Roche sur Yon and the ARS had seized the Vendée prosecutor’s office. The file had been disoriented in Poitiers. The investigating judge carried out a search of the most “relevant” files.

“You are a psychiatrist, not a gynecologist!”
The President of the Criminal Court, Poitiers

There was one of a young minor, victim of sexual abuse on the part of her father. The expert had to say whether she had physical or psychological problems. He had done a gynecological examination. The president of the correctional court is astonished: “You are a psychiatrist , not a gynecologist! Philippe Jouin justified it by a request from the mother. Another supposed victim, in 2012, this woman whose psychiatrist had to say if she was still fit for work. The doctor had tested the sensitivity of the labia majora and had penetrated the patient with a “deep enough” finger.

“She was talking about urinary leaks, that’s why I pushed far but it was not a complete gynecological examination,” defended the practitioner. The president says: “As a psychiatrist, you are perfectly aware of the state of being stunned ? “Philippe Jouin assumes:” There was no reluctance, it was cooperative … ”

The child psychiatrist was surprised that we can blame him for these acts:” I was trained like that in psychiatry, even if it’s getting less and less now.”

Another youth had been penetrated digitally to verify that “it was not about vaginismus”. “Under no circumstances is it part of your mission! “, Prevailed the president of the Criminal Court of Poitiers. “I’m pretty meticulous, I’m not saying that I did well but there was no other way to make a diagnosis. The same argument was used to justify a digital rectal examination in a school dropout who claimed to be the victim of insensitivity.of the anus. Philippe Jouin defended his experience in general medicine. He had been sanctioned by the disciplinary chamber of the Order of Physicians for these facts. He was reproached for another digital rectal examination and examination of the vulva in a teenager who was also suffering from constipation. He had been struck off the examination. “For me, there was a pyschiatric emergency. I could not leave this girl in distress, “said the psychiatrist whose first college of experts had pointed to the” perverse and voyeuristic dimension. ” A counter-expert had later stated that he had “no behavioral deviance. “