Pritpaul Singh

3 doctors lose their licenses for sexual misconduct toward patients, says N.J. attorney general
By Karin Price Mueller
April 28, 2021

— Excerpt

… The third revocation was the license of psychiatrist Dr. Pritpaul Singh, 71, “for his alleged involvement in sexual activity with a female patient, violation of the standards for prescribing controlled dangerous substances (CDS), failure to utilize the Prescription Monitoring Program, and failure to monitor patient compliance with treatment,” the state said. Singh was never criminally charged and phone numbers linked to him were out of service.

The revocations follow reforms announced by the attorney general earlier this month to crack down on sexual abuse and misconduct by licensed professionals in the state.

“Sexual abuse and misconduct is inappropriate in any setting, but especially troubling when the perpetrators are the professionals we entrust with our health and well being,” Grewal said in a statement. “The egregious conduct in these cases warranted severe consequences, and these sanctions should serve as examples of how we will continue to protect the public by holding professionals involved in sexual misconduct accountable.”…