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State fines East Lyme doctor for lapses in care
By Kate Farrish, Conn. Health I-Team Writer


In other business Tuesday, the board revoked the Connecticut medical license of Dr. Michael Anthony of Shrewsbury, Mass., a psychiatrist who also had an office in Putnam, CT.

It took the action based on findings in Massachusetts that Anthony had violated patient confidentiality and had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a female patient.

Massachusetts officials revoked his license in 2011 after concluding he had acted unprofessionally in treating the woman. Anthony had argued that his judgment was impaired following a traumatic brain injury he sustained in a motorcycle accident in 2007. But the Connecticut board concluded his testimony was not credible, citing evidence of unprofessional contact, such as visiting the patient at work, before his brain injury.

Officials also concluded he knowingly falsified a diagnosis that the woman had a borderline personality disorder and erotomania when there was no evidence of such a diagnosis in her medical chart, Connecticut records show.

In a statement to the board, Anthony apologized for his behavior. He said he has been practicing in Connecticut for the past four years.