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A tribunal has heard how an Iraqi psychiatrist allegedly prayed to Allah after having intercourse with a lesbian patient. Dr Ali Abdul Razak, 49, of Park Road, Airmyn, denies a charge of serious professional misconduct put by the General Medical Council (GMC).

The tribunal heard yesterday that Dr Razak was employed as the “on-call” psychiatrist at Goole Hospital.

It was alleged he would kneel and say prayers after having sex with the blonde patient, known as Mrs A.

It was claimed Dr Razak, who was married, told Mrs A she could be his “second wife”.

He was said to have offered her a £10 gift for her hand in marriage.

Intercourse allegedly took place in the woman’s home and at a £30-a-night B&B in Scarborough, between April and September 2001, the GMC hearing was told.

It is also alleged Dr Razak asked Mrs A to move to a flat in Hull.

This was so he could spend three or four nights a week with her away from his family, the tribunal heard.

Dr Razak also offered to give her a child, it was claimed.

Mrs A said: “He was pressuring me, I felt trapped.” A few weeks later, in June or July 2001, Dr Razak again allegedly propositioned Mrs A, asking her to go away with him to Scarborough for the weekend.

It was claimed Dr Razak assaulted Mrs A in a car park when she met him to decline the weekend offer.

Mrs A said: “I thought when I said no it would mean no, but he didn’t like it like that.

“I never thought I would be assaulted.” Dr Razak was also accused of failing to keep contemporaneous records to document his intervention in Mrs A’s treatment from April 2001 after she was treated by a colleague. (Proceeding).