The Associated Press
May 26, 2011
Doc arrested in Argentina was in trouble in Colo.
By Jennifer Sinco Kelleher
Dateline: Honolulu

Charles Warter aka Carlos Warter – psychiatrist

Psychiatrist Carlos Warter aka Charles Warter[/caption]A psychiatrist arrested in Argentina on charges of falsely billing $1 million in health insurance claims in Hawaii was involved in similar fraud some 30 years ago in Colorado, according to documents obtained Wednesday.

Dr. Carlos Warter was arrested in Argentina on Monday and is expected to be extradited to Honolulu. A federal grand jury indictment accuses the psychiatrist of knowingly sending about $1 million in inflated bills to Medicaid, the Hawaii Medical Service Association and TRICARE, a federally funded program that provides care to military personnel.

In 1982, Warter was convicted of falsifying reports in Denver, according to a copy of the notice Washington state’s Medical Quality Assurance Commission sent to Warter in denying his application to practice medicine.

“The conviction was based on your stipulation that you overcharged the state of Colorado, through the Medicaid system, in the sum of $44,500,” the 2009 notice said.

The conviction suspended his ability to participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Washington state’s denial was also based on Warter not disclosing that the Florida Board of Medicine had also denied his application to practice there in 1999.

The Washington denial is attached to the Hawaii Medical Board’s settlement agreement in which Warter voluntarily surrendered his license to practice medicine effective in February.

According to the agreement, the Hawaii Medical Board learned Warter had been denied a license in Washington, which he didn’t disclose on his application to renew his Hawaii license. His license was issued on May 14, 2004, and would have expired in 2012.

Warter waived his right to a hearing and signed the agreement in August 2010 from Washington, where he was living.

The federal indictment was unsealed in December 2010 and a warrant was later issued for his arrest.

Psychiatrist Carlos Warter aka Charles Warter