Dan Nicolau

Psychiatrist Dan Nicolau

Johnson City Press
3 local doctors disciplined after overprescribing, stalking and other offenses, state says
Oct 15, 2017 Updated Jun 24, 2020


Dan Nicolau, Johnson City. After entering into a romantic relationship with an acquaintance to whom he prescribed drugs and later stalked, Nicolau’s medical license was placed on probation for two years…

Nicolau was ordered by the court to pay costs, complete a treatment plan established by the TBME and have no contact with “C.B.” After a multidisciplinary assessment, it was recommended Nicolau refrain from consuming alcohol for one year, participate in a Tennessee Medical Foundation boundary course for six months, participate in a continuing medical education prescription boundaries course within six months, utilize a chaperon when seeing females in addiction treatment and engage in weekly therapy. Nicolau has been ordered to pay a civil penalty of $2,000 and other fees up to $3,000…

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Public records:

Johnson City Police – Report

Washington County, Tennessee – Court Record

Tennessee Department of Health – Grounds for Discipline

Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners – Violation

Virginia Board of Medicine – Reprimanded

Johnson City Press –  license placed on probation for two years

The Recover “sentenced to probation for 24 months for criminal trespassing and stalking”

Lubbock County, Texas, District Court –  Nicolau vs. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine

Brazos County, Texas Court  Nicolau vs. Texas Hall of Fame, Inc.