Psychiatrist Dan Nicolau

Psychiatrist Dan Nicolau
Race: W Sex: M Age: 36 Arrest Date: 8/28/2016 12:50:00AM Arresting Agency: Johnson City Police Department Inmate No. 123661 Name:  Charges: Aggravated Burglary Stalking; Source: Johnson City Press

Johnson City Press
3 local doctors disciplined after overprescribing, stalking and other offenses, state says
By Brandon Paykamian
October 16, 2017

According to a recent disciplinary action report by the Tennessee Department of Health, doctors from Gray, Jonesborough and Johnson City face disciplinary actions from the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners for infractions, including sexual misconduct and overprescribing drugs to patients without proper documentation.

The medical licenses of Drs. David Leslie Merrifield Jr., Dan Nicolau and Michael Sanders Wysor have all been placed on probation. Following is the Tennessee Department of Health’s disciplinary actions outline stipulations of fact and orders in each case:

— Excerpt:

— Dan Nicolau, Johnson City. After entering into a romantic relationship with an acquaintance to whom he prescribed drugs and later stalked, Nicolau’s medical license was placed on probation for two years. The stipulations of fact:

    • On September 2015, Nicolau wrote one prescription for Percocet for an acquaintance referred to in the document as “C.B.” Later in November, Nicolau wrote “C.B.” one prescription for oxycodone. Nicolau’s relationship with “C.B.” was not pursuant to a doctor-patient relationship.
    • On or around June 2016, Nicolau and “C.B.” entered into a romantic relationship that ended in August.
    • On or about Aug. 27, 2016, “C.B” received text messages from another user’s Facebook account after blocking Nicolau from contacting her on Facebook. Later that evening, Nicolau showed up in her bedroom and woke her up after finding a spare key under the mat of the front door.
    • After entering her home, Nicolau grabbed her and attempted to hug and kiss her. “C.B.” then screamed for him to leave, called 911 and ran outside her home to meet Johnson City police officers who responded to the call. As “C.B” spoke to officers, Nicolau used his cell phone to call and text her as she spoke with them.
    • On Aug. 23, Nicolau appeared in Washington County Criminal Court and was placed on probation for 11 months and 29 days for one count of aggravated criminal trespassing and one count of stalking.

Nicolau was ordered by the court to pay costs, complete a treatment plan established by the TBME and have no contact with “C.B.” After a multidisciplinary assessment, it was recommended Nicolau refrain from consuming alcohol for one year, participate in a Tennessee Medical Foundation boundary course for six months, participate in a continuing medical education prescription boundaries course within six months, utilize a chaperon when seeing females in addiction treatment and engage in weekly therapy. Nicolau has been ordered to pay a civil penalty of $2,000 and other fees up to $3,000.

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Psychiatrist Dan Nicolau