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Henrico psychiatrist fighting charges
He receives 10-day jail sentence for touching victim inappropriately
July 2, 2013

Psychiatrist Anada Chellappan

Psychiatrist Anada Chellappan

A Henrico County psychiatrist whose license was suspended by the state Board of Medicine in January was convicted of a reduced charge Monday stemming from his inappropriate touching of a female patient.

Henrico General District Judge Mary B. Malveaux ordered Dr. Ananda Chellappan to serve a 10-day sentence, convicting the longtime psychiatrist of simple assault rather than misdemeanor sexual battery.

Joseph D. Morrissey, Chellappan’s lawyer, filed notice of appeal in the case.

Chellappan was found not guilty last month of a similar sexual assault charge involving another patient.

Chellappan, 67, who maintained an office on Cutshaw Avenue near the Shops at Willow Lawn, was arrested in December on the case heard Monday. It involved a 32-year-old patient who testified that he reached inside her low-cut clothing and touched her breasts during an appointment.

Morrissey depicted the woman as a heavy user of painkillers and other medications to fight a mental condition who’d asked for a prescription. Defense witnesses said the victim seemed unaffected by what happened, including a clinic worker who said the victim flirted with him as she left the office Dec. 6.

The victim’s mother, though, described her daughter as upset and emotional minutes later in a telephone call.

Chellappan’s license was suspended in January based on his arrest, but he has not undergone a formal hearing before the Board of Medicine.

Morrissey argued that a prosecutor and witnesses used the wrong date for the alleged battery in December, and while Chellappan acknowledged he touched the victim’s breasts, Malveaux agreed that the battery did not rise to the level of a sexual assault.

She gave Chellappan a 12-month jail sentence, suspending all but 10 days, and fined him $100. She also ordered him to receive counseling.

The psychiatrist was expected to be released Monday night pending his appeal.