The People
March 2, 2014
Northern Ireland
Britain’s most depraved men

THE PIE [Paedophile Information Exchange] member and Russian-speaking traitor worked for the RAF and Britain’s spy nerve centre, GCHQ. He was exposed when police investigating a sex assault found his spy gear and PIE magazines.

He scoured local newspapers in Hereford for pictures of girls in school or Brownie uniform, using his spy skills to find them.

He hooded one of his victims, who was only 11. Jailed for 38 years in 1982 for espionage and sex assaults on three girls. Now 76, he was released early in 2001.


SCOTS-born writer and trade union activist. Founded PIE in 1974, using a Catholic priest’s mailbox to contact fellow paedophiles.

Deselected as candidate by the Scottish Labour Party after he was taped bragging about interfering with a boy, 14, in 1984.

Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell called him “a central figure in the battle for homosexual equality” after his 1988 death.

He did not mention Dunn’s role in founding the group that wanted the age of consent cut to four.


PIE leader, journalist and former teacher was on NCCL’s gay rights committee.

Jailed for two years in 1981 for conspiracy to corrupt public morals, and again for nine months in 2002 for smuggling indecent photos of children into the UK.

O’Carroll was locked up once more, for two and a half years, in 2006 for distributing child porn after his two successor groups to PIE were infiltrated.

He remains unrepentant and openly runs a blog connecting paedophiles.


THE man responsible for paedophiles infiltrating hundreds of UK children’s homes. PIE founding member No51 (aka Paul Pelham) wrote that sex with youngsters in care could be “therapeutic” for them.

Incredibly, he was a National Children’s Bureau consultant – Britain’s top “expert” on kids in care and social work training.

He was convicted of importing child porn in 1992 and fined £900. Investigators claim a wider inquiry into him was shut down from on high. He died in 2007 aged 81.

WERE Britain’s paedophiles too powerful to prosecute? A few small fry were prosecuted or even given short jail sentences in the 1980s.

But some of the key members of the Paedophile Information Exchange were at the heart of the British establishment.

Here, we expose eight of the most sickening of the PIE perverts.

Incredibly, many of them had been allowed to work with vulnerable children.

They include a child psychiatrist, a leading expert on kids in care, a notorious sadist and a man who lectured the police and probation officers about child-sex offences – even though he had absolutely no qualifications.


THE prominent child psychiatrist and PIE [Paedophile Information Exchange] founder member conducted “research” with convicted abusers and published essays on the “harmlessness” of incest.

Fraser, now 77, was convicted in 1972 of indecent assaults on boys – but in 1988 founded a trust giving sailing holidays to 100 vulnerable lads in Devon and Cornwall.

He was jailed for persuading one of the trust’s disabled boys to pose for porn shots. In 1994 he reportedly fled to Holland after being arrested again on child porn claims.


ALSO known as Steven Adrian Smith, he was PIE chairman from 1979 to 1985. He worked in security at the Home Office in the 1970s when it funded PIE.

Freeman, 59, of Bellingham, South London, was jailed for a minimum of 30 months at the Old Bailey in 2011 as ringleader of a gang making and trading graphic images of children being raped.

Cops found 3,000 drawings at his home and Freeman and his paedo friends met there every week to view them.


THE former deputy head of PIE was jailed indefinitely in 2007 after police found 1,129 indecent images of children as young as ONE at his flat in Loughborough, Leics.

Several were the very worst “level 5” featuring sadism, rape and animals.

Joy, 66, had child-sex convictions dating back to the 1970s, including attempted rape and indecent assault.

Yard detective Richard Morgan said: “Joy holds an unwavering belief he should be able to have sex with children.”


CONNED the Metropolitan Police, Crown prosecutors and probation officers into believing he was a child-sex expert and lectured them about paedophilia.

The 54-year-old, from Herne Hill, South London, was jailed for seven years in 2004 for the violent and systematic abuse of three young girls he had plied with booze. One of them later attempted suicide.

Had a 1989 conviction for gross indecency under the name Stephen Gosling. His present whereabouts are unknown.