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Psychiatrist groomed teen clients for sex
report: MISCONDUCT I Expelled doctor promised to marry girls he exploited, agency says
By Neal Hall

A Vancouver child psychiatrist expelled this week for sexual misconduct with three teenage girls groomed them for sex, promised to marry two of them, and had intercourse with one girl in his office, says a report by the B.C. College of Physicians and Surgeons.

The report was issued Friday, a day after the college announced it had stripped Dr. Richard Leslie Golden of his right to practise medicine for unprofessional conduct, finding he acted as a \”sexual predator\” who used three young female patients for his own sexual gratification in 2000 and 2001.

One patient was 15 and two were 17 when they began seeing Golden for problems with an eating disorder and depression. The college found the young girls were from fragile family backgrounds. The report does not disclose their identity.

Dr. Doug Blackman, deputy registrar of the college, described Golden\’s conduct as an \”appalling\” abuse of trust.

\”What this does is really impair the doctor-patient relationship,\” Blackman said Friday.

Golden, 49, has been struck from the college registrar, meaning he can no longer practise medicine in B.C., he added.

The child psychiatrist had an intimate sexual relationship with one girl at his office that included kissing, fondling, masturbation and oral sex. Golden also told the girl he loved her.
In another case, the psychiatrist asked his patient if she was a virgin, asked her to describe her underwear, and questioned her sexual activity.

The college found Golden began his relationship with the girl when she could not legally give consent and later encouraged her to end her doctor-patient relationship with him so he could continue his personal relationship with the girl.

The college says he gave the girl money, hugged her at the end of therapy sessions, and had cell phone contact with her for non-medical reasons. It also says he convinced one girl to break off a sexual relationship with a young male and dishonestly led two of the girls to believe he had terminated the doctor-patient relationship so their sexual relationships could continue.

He promised to marry two of the girls, according to the college report, which says: \”The promises were as empty then as they turned out to be when reality arrived for these unfortunate young women.\”

The college conducted an inquiry into the complaints before a committee on Aug. 23 and 24, but neither Golden nor his lawyer attended the hearing, which found Golden guilty of unprofessional and infamous conduct.

Golden used a \”grooming process\” by making favourable comments about the girl\’s bodies, hair and appearance, he would suggest they regard him as a confidante and call him on his cell phone after office hours, the college found.

At his office at 777 W. Broadway, he would begin holding their hands, which would later progress to hugging, kissing and fondling.

\”As the relationships progressed, he would schedule office appointments for the last appointment of the day, usually on a Friday or Saturday morning, to minimize the risk of detection,\” the college report said.