The Miami Herald
February 7, 1984
By George Stein

A socially prominent psychiatrist with a large Medicaid practice has been charged with defrauding the program of more than $3,000.

Charged was Dr. Sergio Marti, 53, of 77 Crandon Blvd., Key Biscayne, who has offices at 1330 Coral Way.

The Dade County State Attorney’s Office has accused Marti of making eight false Medicaid claims, collecting eight unauthorized Medicaid payments and committing one act of grand theft. Each count carries a maximum five-year prison sentence.

Medicaid is a federal program that supports medical care for the poor.

Marti, reached in his Coral Way office, said Monday that he had not been notified of the charges, which were filed Friday.

“My God, this is a quite a surprise for me,” he said. “I don’t know what it is all about.”

Marti said he had not billed the state for anyone who had not been treated. He also denied overbilling.

Marti, whose $35-an-hour fee is set by the state, received $85,374 from Medicaid in 1980. He received $69,163 from Medicaid through Nov. 24 in 1981.

The charges cover the period from August 1980 through July 1981.

The investigation, conducted by the Medicaid Fraud Unit of the Florida Auditor General’s Office, began Feb. 18, 1982, said John Nulty, special agent in charge.

Investigators studied a computer printout of Marti’s Medicaid patients and then interviewed patients.

“In some instances, he billed for Medicaid patients … that were never treated,” Nulty said.

Marti, who was born July 5, 1930, in Matanzas, Cuba, is a licensed medical doctor, board-certified as a psychiatrist.

In 1979, he and his wife chaired the Metropolitan Museum and Art Center’s chapter of the Interamerican Foundation for the Endowment of Fine Arts.