The Virginian-Pilot
Va. Beach psychiatrist’s license to be suspended Sat.
By Elizabeth Simpson
October 27, 2014

Waldo Ellison psychiatrist psychsearch.netThe medical license of a psychiatrist who played a leading role in the treatment of a Virginia Beach man who committed suicide in 2011 will be suspended by the Virginia Board of Medicine on Saturday.

Virginia Beach psychiatrist Dr. Waldo Ellison informed the board he was retiring on that date. He had appeared in an informal hearing of a board committee in September on allegations that he had violated his duty as a doctor by failing to properly diagnose attention deficit disorders and monitor patients’ use of Adderall, a stimulant that can become addictive if misused.

The doctor’s case before the board involved several different patients, but the one that has received the most media attention, including a 2013 New York Times story, is that of Richard Fee, a 24-year-old Virginia Beach man who committed suicide in Norfolk in 2011.

An informal committee of the board had referred Ellison’s case to the full board to be considered for suspension or revocation. Instead, Ellison agreed to a consent order that was signed on Oct. 20 to end his practice Saturday and surrender his license.

The board considers his license suspended indefinitely. If he wants to return to practice he has to wait at least 18 months and appear before the board to prove his competence to practice medicine.