Pediatric psychiatrist arrested for sexual abuse
He faces a sentence of up to 10 years in prison
By Mariana Cobián / mariana.cobian @ gfrmedia.com

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Psychiatrist Gerardo V. Navarro Rodriguez

The pediatric psychiatrist Gerardo V. Navarro Rodriguez, 59, was arrested yesterday for sexual transporting at least two males under 18 years, who were his patients.

Yesterday agents of the Office of Internal Security Service of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE-HSI) arrested psychiatrist specializing in children and adolescents in their office in Caguas after one of the alleged injured, identified as John Doe # 1, a teacher recount what was happening and told him that he took pictures of the acts because he thought no one would believe him. The defendant spent the night at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC, for its acronym in English) in Guaynabo.

The head of the federal Attorney Rosa Emilia Rodriguez said a complaint was filed against Navarro Rodriguez for transporting minors with intent to commit illegal sex acts and child sex trafficking while working for APS Healthcare Puerto Rico, the company that fired him one Once he learned of the investigation against him, but until yesterday worked for another company that operated in Caguas and Cidra.

“In his position as a psychiatrist for APS, Dr. Navarro Rodriguez was responsible for providing, among other things, therapeutic sessions to children and adolescent victims of sexual abuse.

Victims in this case are two males under 17 years. Victim number one Rodriguez Navarro was patient for about two years and the abuse started from the first visit (in October 2011). The second victim was sexually abused at least once, “said Rodriguez, who recalled that APS provides mental health services My Health patients.

According to the complaint, John Doe # 1 was a victim of the doctor when I was 16 and 17, between October 2011 and May 2013, while his patient was suffering from depression. The child took pictures while the events occurred, both in the medical office as physician’s residence in Cayey.

At the first visit, it was alleged that Navarro Rodríguez physically examined him and touched his penis, and said that it had “pretty long.” The victim testified that subsequent appointments continued touching him and asked about his girlfriends and their sex life. On another occasion, Navarro Rodriguez dropped his pants to John Doe # 1 and had oral sex while masturbating.

At other times, carried him several times in his Jaguar car to his home in Cayey, where they had oral sex and the doctor was paid.

On 27 April, Rodriguez Navarro called John Doe # 1 to see if he could go home to “verify electricity”. The teenager said he was with a friend of 17 years, identified as John Doe # 2 and who is also APS patient and the doctor told him to bring it. John Doe # 1 said he had to take a call and went and returned, he saw Navarro Rodriguez masturbating with John Doe # 2. John Doe # 1 took photos of the event.

The child reported that in at least one occasion, the psychiatrist prescribed medicine to delay ejaculations, but did not take them.

“This defendant took advantage of his relationship with his patient, a minor, to abuse him sexually … Our purpose in reporting this crime is that parents who have taken their children to visit this doctor talk to them, and report any suspicions of sexual abuse by the defendant, “Rodriguez said, reporting that the prosecutor is Marshal D. Morgan.

“This is the ultimate predator who used his position of trust and power to attack children.’s Chilling narrative of those under which they were subject,” said the director of ICE-HSI, Angel Melendez, who recalled that if found guilty, Navarro Rodriguez is exposed to a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.

Melendez emphasized that the child said took the photos because “no one will believe me, as I take medication and doctor, they’ll think I’m making this up”.

“The child was overcome with this situation,” said Melendez.

The attorney general of the state Justice Department, Joseph Hood, said the case was referred to the feds by the Sex Crimes Division of Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) of Caguas, still continues to investigate the case to eventually radicarle more statewide office.

Authorities urged parents Rodriguez Navarro patients see if they could be victims of pediatric psychiatrist. To have suspicions about it, you can call ICE at 1 (800) 981-3030.