Queensland Psychiatrist

Courier Mail
Wacky sex therapy
Shrink’s hubby slept with patient
By Kay Dibben
August 15, 2020

— Excerpt

A PSYCHIATRIST who treated a female patient with sexual anxiety by getting her to have sex with her own husband — while she watched — has been fined $25,000.

The doctor and her husband also had sex in front of the patient during the highly unconventional “sex therapy”, a tribunal heard.

The patient had previously lived with the psychiatrist and her husband as an au pair, and the two women later became friends.

But it was during a therapeutic relationship, while the psychiatrist was providing the woman with prescriptions for depression, that the patient told of her sexual anxiety.

The psychiatrist offered the woman a choice of seeing a counsellor, her providing the woman with advice or the patient practising various sexual activities with the doctor’s husband. The patient chose the third option and the psychiatrist provided her with what she described as “sex therapy”, Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal heard…