Daily Mail
By Caroline Howe
July 26, 2015

+++ Excerpt:

…Marilyn’s psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson who gave the star a fatal injection of pentobarbital to the heart…

It was a murder allegedly witnessed by ambulance attendant James C. Hall, who arrived at the film star’s home and saw Monroe’s psychiatrist Dr. Greenson inject Marilyn directly into her heart with undiluted pentobarbital, brutally breaking a rib with the needle…

‘There were five witnesses to Marilyn Monroe’s murder’, the authors write. ‘Three of the five [ultimately Lawford, and ambulance attendants Hall and Liebowitz] state that Ralph Greenson was responsible’.

Psychiatrist Ralph Greenson

Psychiatrist Ralph Greenson

Blood on his hands: Psychiatrist Ralph Greenson was more than just Marilyn’s shrink. He was her lover and he injected the fatal dose that killed the star, say the book’s author

Ralph Greenson

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