Ricardo Ramírez

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Court confirmed preventive custody for psychiatrist who killed his matronly wife in Azapa Valley
April 28, 2023

— Excerpt

The Court of Appeals of Arica confirmed the preventive imprisonment of the psychiatrist Ricardo Antonio Yévenes Ramírez, charged as the perpetrator of the crime of femicide of his wife, the midwife Fabiola Vargas Pallauta, a crime committed in the Azapa Valley last December.

In a unanimous decision, the First Chamber of the Court of Appeals – composed by the ministers Pablo Zavala Fernández, José Delgado Ahumada and the judicial prosecutor Juan Manuel Escobar Salas – rejected the appeal of the defense and ordered the permanence of Yévenes Ramírez in the Acha Penitentiary Center, considering that the freedom of the accused constitutes a danger for the security of society.

According to the investigation carried out by the prosecutor’s office and the Homicide Squad of the PDI, in the days prior to December 20, 2022, the accused assaulted the 35 year-old victim on several occasions, causing multiple contusions to the head, thorax and upper and lower extremities.

In this context, during the early morning of Tuesday, December 20, the victim and the accused were inside a house located in the town of San Miguel de Azapa, occasion in which Yévenes Ramírez assaulted her, presumably with a fist blow in the eye region, causing a cranial brain traumatism that resulted in a multiorgan failure that caused her death in the Juan Noé Hospital, on Thursday, December 22…