Robert Perez

Orange County Register
OC psychiatrist sentenced to prison for prescription drug sales scheme
By Sean Emery
June 17, 2019

— Excerpt

SANTA ANA — A Santa Ana-based psychiatrist who illegally gave out prescriptions for opioids and other drugs was sentenced Monday to 57 months in federal prison.

Dr. Robert Tinoco Perez, 56, of Westminster, as part of a plea agreement admitted earlier this year to one count of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances…

Guilford noted that Perez seemed to be focusing mainly on himself, rather than the wider impact of his actions.

“Turn on the news at any time, see the number of lives destroyed by the opioid crisis, and that has to come from somewhere” Guilford told Perez. “I wonder if you have thought about how many people have been impacted by you selling this poison for money.”

In 2017 and 2018, Perez and co-defendant William Jason Plumley operated the prescription drug distribution scheme, which involved prescriptions without medical necessity for oxycodone, hydrocodone and amphetamine salts, according to court filings…

In his own plea agreement, Perez admitted to knowingly issuing prescriptions for drugs he knew had no legitimate medical purpose to fictitious patients he had never met…