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Leader of sinister cult that carried out orgies in the presence of children is jailed in Russia for making youngsters worship sexual promiscuity
By Will Stewart
6 November 2013

• Vyacheslav Vesnin, 47, was the ‘guru’ of a sinister cult that met for orgies
• The sect, which operated in southern Russia, had hundreds of members
• Cultists would meet for orgies, and take their children along to watch
• Vesnin was given nearly ten years in prison, and four others were jailed too

Psychiatrist Vyacheslav Vesnin

Psychiatrist Vyacheslav Vesnin

The leader of a ‘sect of perverts’ which encouraged orgies and striptease in front of children was jailed in Russia for nine years after being found guilty of indoctrinating dozens of minors to worship sexual promiscuity.

Members of the so-called Self Improvement Foundation ‘were encouraged with psychological pressure to have uncontrolled sexual relations with each other, including in the presence of minors’, disclosed investigators.

Psychiatrist Vyacheslav Vesnin – who called himself the ‘master’ and ‘guru’ of the sinister group – held a magnetic attraction for women, it was claimed.

He is believed to have had friends in high places in the city of Orenburg where his sinister sect operated for around 20 years. It had several hundred members.

Four female acolytes of the burly and bearded 47-year-old cult leader were jailed for a total of 30 years, and Vesnin, who was arrested three years ago, will serve nine years and nine months, a judge ruled this week.

The father of two was described as ‘charismatic’ and ‘powerful’.

Members of the ‘depraved’ sect included government officials, bankers, teachers, lawyers, and security officers in the far-flung southern Russian region, more than 900 miles south-east of Moscow.

‘The worst thing was that they brought their under-age children with them,’ reported one newspaper.

Children were encouraged to watch orgies involving adults, it was claimed.

One shocking picture shows a scared-looking girl aged three during a striptease performance by a near-naked female Vesnin follower.

He was convicted after an accomplice – Marina Abrosimova – co-operated with prosecutors to expose his sinister cult. She received a five year suspended sentence.

‘Children were taught anti-social and depraved behaviour, and accustomed to early sexual relations,’ said one newspaper which branded his organisation a ‘sect of perverts’.

‘Minors were forced to engage in sexual promiscuity.’

A total of 15 children required psychiatric help from a top Moscow clinic. More than two dozen were released from the sect.

They were aged between seven and 16, and had suffered from ‘premature sexualisation’, though no adults were charged with having sex with children.

Vesnin, shown smirking in pictures from court in Orenburg, was convicted this week of ‘the creation of a religious association that infringes on the individual and the rights of citizens’, ‘actions aimed at inciting hatred or enmity’, and ‘depraving minors committed as part of an organised group.’

Some surprise in Russia was expressed at the ‘leniency’ of his sentence, given the way children were brainwashed by his ‘perverted beliefs’.
When police and the security services moved in on the group, 110 members were ‘completely naked’ at a campsite near Orenburg, it was reported.
A dozen children were present at the time.

Hundreds of photographs showing children in the presence of naked adults were recovered from Vesnin’s plush country home.