Tacoma psychiatrist’s suspension extended
By Kevin McCarty
August 19, 2014

Psychiatrist Said Farzad

Psychiatrist Said Farzad

When Tacoma psychiatrist Dr. Said Farzad spoke to KIRO 7 last May, he didn’t deny threatening to blow up an insurance office and kill people who worked there. He said he didn’t remember doing it. “I have absolutely no memory,” said Farzad during a May 12 interview. “I still don’t have a memory that I have said something.”

That claim helped convince the Washington state Department of Health to continue a suspension of Farzad’s licence to practice medicine.

Farzad is under investigation by police in Bothell for calling Molina Health Care on May 5 and threatening a company representative. He admitted to KIRO 7 he was upset at the company for repeatedly denying payments for prescriptions for his patients.

According to a police report Farzad told the representative, “I am five minutes away from Bothell and I will bomb you when I get there. I have a gun. I want to shoot your director.”

“I lost is at that point,” Farzad said. “I think I said certain things that I’m blocking right now, and I blocked that part.”

Farzad wanted the suspension lifted, but during a July 30 hearing the DOH ordered it to continue, citing Farzad’s admissions during the interview.

In an email statement to KIRO 7 DOH attorney Larry Berg said, “Dr. Farzad had provided conflicting explanations regarding those alleged threats, including his KIRO 7 interview.”

“His inconsistent statements and other behavior during the hearing convinced the Commission that Dr. Farzad has some kind of underlying mental condition that interferes with his ability to safely practice as a physician.”

Berg wouldn’t comment about the decision on camera and said no one from the department should because Farzad could be dangerous and possibly even retaliate against anyone who spoke publicly about him.

But in May Farzad claimed the outburst was just frustration saying he was not dangerous. “I never get that furious,” Farzad said. “But once in a while it happens to everybody.”

KIRO 7 attempted to contact Farzad for comment but the phone number he provided in May has since been disconnected.

Psychiatrist Said Farzad