Hartford Courant (blog)
By Matthew Sturdevant

U.S. Senator Charles Grassley, an Iowa Republican, cited a Connecticut example of doctors who write far more prescriptions than their peers, which he said is a national trend.

The Oct. 20 letter to U.S. Health and Humans Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is about the over utilization of medical services as a factor of rising healthcare costs. Specifically, Grassley takes aim at doctors and medical providers who are writing a lot of prescriptions compared with their peers.

\”In Connecticut, one provider consistently ranked as the top prescription writer across the full range of pharmaceuticals, totaling 5,945 precriptions in 2008 and 7,459 in 2009 for seven medications. This compares to the lowest provider of the top ten in these categories, who wrote 1,755 prescriptions in 2008 and 1,394 in 2009.\”

\”This trend is found again and again across the states, suggesting that top prescribers stand out not only against other providers in their state, but against the very top prescribers in those states.\”

Grassley points to examples in others states as well, noting that it is a trend \”in states both large and small.\”