Psychiatrist - Shubhranjan Ghosh

Psychiatrist – Shubhranjan Ghosh

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Anchorage psychiatrist changed plea in Medicaid fraud case
KTUU Staff
December 01, 2014


An Anchorage psychiatrist changed his plea today in a case of fraudulently billing Medicaid and tampering with evidence.

In this story:

— Dr. Shubu Ghosh, pleaded guilty to billing Medicaid more than $1 million for services he never performed.

— Dr. Ghosh said he was guilty for falsifying records in an attempt to cover up the improper billing.

— Ghosh founded Ghosh Psychiatrict Services and was arrested in April of this year.

— His sentencing is set for April of next year, and he could spend one to three and a half years in jail and pay a fine of up to $50 thousand.

Shubu Ghosh