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Former UA Marijuana Researcher Restarting in Phoenix
by AZPM Staff
March 27, 2015

Psychiatrist Sue Sisley

Psychiatrist Sue Sisley

A medical marijuana researcher terminated at the University of Arizona last year says she is a step closer to beginning clinical trials in the Phoenix area.

Researcher Sue Sisley said this week she plans to conduct independent research in the Phoenix area, after she struggled to find support at a state university for a study of marijuana’s effects on people with post traumatic stress disorder.

The private, federally regulated Institutional Review Board approved her research request, she said.

“Our goal is to collect the most objective data so that eventually it can be published in peer reviewed medical journals,” Sisley said, adding she will focus on military veterans.

Sisley said the study is now waiting for access to a federal supply of marijuana.

She was terminated at the UA last year in what she called a political move. University officials said funding for Sisley’s contract on work unrelated to her marijuana research had come to an end.

Sue Sisley