Houston Chronicle
Houston psychiatrist disciplined for prescribing anti-Alzheimer’s drug to child
By Lise Olsen
December 21, 2013

Psychiatrist G.K. Ravichandran

Psychiatrist G.K. Ravichandran

A Houston psychiatrist has been disciplined for improperly prescribing anti-Alzheimer’s medication and other potentially dangerous drugs to an 8-year-old, according to a recent order by the Texas Medical Board.

Dr. G.K. Ravichandran’s prescriptions placed the unidentified child at “undue risk for experiencing complications,” and the Alzheimer’s drug, which is not clinically proven to be safe for children, was given without consent from the patient’s mother, the board’s March 2012 complaint alleged.

Ravichandran, a psychiatrist who has been licensed in Texas since 1979, was ordered to hire another physician to act as his monitor. The monitor will provide reports on Ravichandran’s treatment and prescribing practices to the board for a year, the Dec. 6 order says.

Ravichandran did not admit or deny the board’s findings but waived appeals in the agreed-upon order. A related case pending before an administrative law judge was dismissed Monday. His attorney could not be reached for comment Friday.

This month’s disciplinary action was related to Ravichandran’s treatment of a single patient, records show. Medical Board Executive Director Mari Robinson said she could not confirm whether he faced other pending complaints.

In 2010, Ravichandran was identified as one of the state’s top prescribers of Xanax among patients whose medications are paid for by Medicaid.

He billed $180,762 for 1,751 Xanax prescriptions that year and was listed as a top prescriber in responses Texas officials provided to inquiries from Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, an advocate for stricter monitoring of publicly funded prescriptions.

It is the third time Ravichandran has been subject to disciplinary action by the Texas Medical Board, records show.