Vasish Seewoobudul

Dismantling of a psychotropic drug trafficking network: a psychiatrist arrested for issuing a prescription
December 8, 2022
By The Daily Challenge

The doctor is suspected of having prescribed drugs to fuel a traffic.
Arrested on Tuesday, the alleged brain incriminates the doctor
Since last weekend, the Divisional Support Unit (DSU) of the Central Division has been working to dismantle a network of trafficking in psychotropic drugs. The investigation led to the arrest of psychiatrist Vasish Seewoobudul on Monday. This 43-year-old doctor practices at the Brown-Sequard hospital but also does consultations in a pharmacy in Curepipe. It is in this pharmacy, according to the police, that he would have issued prescriptions having been used to supply traffic.

Three other suspects have been arrested in this case so far. They are Faizal Mohamud, 29, Hazrat Oomar, 25, and Bishamduth Luchoo, 25. The first two were arrested last Saturday during an operation mounted by Sergeant Appasamy’s men in the parking lot of a shopping center in Curepipe.

These two inhabitants of Chemin-Grenier were in a trance. They had in their possession a box of Pregabalin 150 and a copy of the corresponding prescription. The prescription had been issued in the name of a 22-year-old young woman by Dr. Vasish Seewoobudul. It was dated November 23 and bore the stamp of a Port-Louis pharmacy.

During questioning, the suspects revealed that they had obtained the box of medicine and the document from another southerner, Bishamduth Luchoo. Investigators were unable to find him immediately. On the other hand, on Monday, they went to get Dr. Seewoobudul.

After his arrest, the psychiatrist explained that he felt unwell and was admitted to a private clinic. On Tuesday, he was brought before the court for his provisional indictment, then taken back to the police cell.

Bishamduth Luchoo was finally arrested on Tuesday. He admitted having presented his wife’s identity card to the doctor, in order to obtain a prescription for psychotropic drugs in his wife’s name. Dr. Seewoobudul then handed him the prescription.

A search of Bishamduth Luchoo’s home on Wednesday failed to find any additional evidence. The DSU is however in the presence of information according to which this network had been operating for some time already. Other arrests are not ruled out, according to those responsible for the investigation.