Vladimir Rajkovic

‘Psychiatrist wanted woman to have sex with dog’
By The NewsDay
June 30, 2011

— Excerpt

A psychiatric doctor, Vladimir Rajkovic, may well require mental examination himself after he was hauled before the courts for allegedly inserting an artificial manhood into a woman’s private parts before trying to force her into bestiality.

He also allegedly took pictures of the woman in the nude before threatening her with a gun after she refused to engage in the act.

The incident which is likely to shock some ladies of the night is said to have occurred on June 7 in the Avenues area of Harare, where the doctor is resident.

It is alleged the doctor took the complainant and her friend, both confessed prostitutes according to the State, after meeting them at corner Sixth/Baines avenues and agreed to pay $45 for their services.

When they got home, Rajkovic allegedly offered them red wine, but the complainant’s colleague allegedly refused and was chased away.

The complainant, however, allegedly accepted the wine, got drunk and the doctor had sex with her before allegedly inserting an artificial manhood into her private parts and taking some photographs. The State alleges Rajkovic then phoned his friend and invited him to his house after telling him the complainant had allegedly agreed to bestiality for $300…

The complainant reported the matter to the police, leading to the doctor’s arrest