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Gays Now Rule Psychiatry By Ken Kramer November 29, 2013 Homosexuality was listed as a mental disorder in the DSM (see page 44) but after psychiatrists were ridiculed and pressured by gay activists, the membership of the American Psychiatric Association voted in 1974 to remove it from the DSM. This folly of a science claimed that homosexuality was […]

Nova Scotia Psychiatrist Bolarinwa Oluwole License Revoked – Sex with Patient – Irish Officials Will Also Take Action After He Lied to Them

The Irish Independent Psychiatrist lied about sex with patients, inquiry told By Kevin Keane 26 November 2013 A PSYCHIATRIST who had sex with patients in his care has been found guilty of professional misconduct for lying about his past when applying to work in Ireland. Dr Bolarinwa Oluwole had intercourse with women who came to […]

Minnesota Psychiatrist Ali Ebrahimi Reprimanded for unethical and unprofessional conduct

Southwest Minneapolis Patch Medical Board Disciplines Three Minneapolis Providers By James Warden November 21, 2013 Excerpt: Ali Ebrahimi, a psychiatrist who practices with Associated Clinic of Psychology in Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis, offers psychiatric evaluations and medication management, according to his biography. The board received a complaint in July 2011 that Ebrahimi inappropriately prescribed drugs […]

New Zealand Psychiatrist Manilall Maharajh License Revoked – Sex with Patient – paid to keep her quiet

New Zealand Herald Psychiatrist punished over sex with vulnerable patient By Brendan Manning Nov 22, 2013 A psychiatrist who had a sexual relationship with a vulnerable patient, and paid her tens of thousands of dollars to keep quiet about it has been stripped of his registration and ordered to pay more than $70,000. Dr Manilall […]

Shock Treatment Cartoon by Verde

A device is placed around one ankle so that no blood flows through. This stops muscle relaxant drugs from entering that foot and affecting the foot muscles. When shock treatment begins, the psychiatrist monitors seizures by watching for movement in that foot. For more Verde cartoons click here:

PsychSearch Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Daily Republic SD refuses to release names of docs kicked off Medicaid By Ross Dolan November 19, 2013 A Florida man says South Dakota is the only state government in the country that refuses to give him information on physicians who have been excluded from Medicaid. Ken Kramer, of Clearwater, Fla., said that should be […]

Texas Psychiatrist Philip Scott Cited for Possession of Ammunition and Firearms on Federal Property? Apparently Fired?

KWTX Man Cited After Guns, Ammo Found In Truck At Local VA Identified By Rachel Cox November 15, 2013 The two citations issued after police at the Olin E. Teague Veterans’ Center in Temple found guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition in a truck parked illegally outside the facility name Philip Scott, U.S. District […]

“The Tools of Psychiatry”

Drugs and Shock Treatment


Doing anything on July 22, 2016? MEET ME IN MIAMI! Update By Ken Kramer June 16, 2016 Talk about slow justice! We investigated the top psych drugging psychiatrist in the USA, Florida psychiatrist Fernando Mendez-Villamil, and reported our findings to the authorities on July 25, 2007. We calculated he was prescribing about 151 prescriptions […]

Psychs in Hot Water

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Israeli Psychiatrist Graciela Karmon Sued – Determined Father was Violent and Dangerous to His Children Without Meeting Him

Psychiatrist Finds Man ‘Violent’ without Meeting Him By Gil Ronen November 11, 2013 Psychiatrist Dr. Graciela Karmon of Ramat Hasharon wrote a damaging psychiatric evaluation of a father without ever meeting him, according to daily newspaper Yisrael Hayom. The evaluation determined that the father, who was involved in divorce proceedings, was a violent person and […]

Virginia Psychiatrist Jeffrey K. Lightner Falls for the ol “the Chicken Coop collapsed on my Xanax Pills in My Lunch Pail” line State penalizes former local psychiatrist BY CHELYEN DAVIS November 12th, 2013 A former Fredericksburg psychiatrist has lost the ability to renew his medical license for allegedly improperly prescribing pills to patients in Harrisonburg. In a ruling early this month, the Virginia Board of Medicine suspended Jeffrey K. Lightner’s ability to renew his license, which […]

Background Check on American Psychiatrists Ken Kramer Answers Journalist’s Questions By Cindy Bevington November 11, 2013 As a journalist my job is to question everything. That means digging below the surface of the obvious and exposing the truth for what it is whether people agree with me or not, whether they like what I’m doing or not, and regardless […]

Russian Psychiatrist Vyacheslav Vesnin Gets Ten Years in Prison – encouraged orgies in front of children

Daily Mail Leader of sinister cult that carried out orgies in the presence of children is jailed in Russia for making youngsters worship sexual promiscuity By Will Stewart 6 November 2013 • Vyacheslav Vesnin, 47, was the ‘guru’ of a sinister cult that met for orgies • The sect, which operated in southern Russia, had […]

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