Tel Aviv Psychiatrist Yehuda Baruch to be charged with having sex with a patient Ex-psychiatric Hospital Chief Faces Charges of Sex With Patient Doctor admits to affair with young woman who had been admitted after a suicide attempt ■ former patient had an abortion after becoming pregnant by him By Revital Hovel January 22, 2018 The former head of a Tel Aviv-area psychiatric hospital is to be charged, […]

Yehuda Baruch, Israeli Psychiatrist, Former Director of Psychiatric Hospital, Accused of Sexually Abusing Suicidal Patient

Haaretz Former Director of Israeli Psychiatric Hospital Accused of Sexually Abusing Suicidal Patient Ronny Linder-Ganz, Ido Efrati and Sharon Pulwer May 08, 2016 A female patient at Abarbanel Psychiatric Hospital has accused the hospital’s former director of sexually abusing her while she was his patient. Maya Berger, 27, wrote a letter to Health Minister Yaakov […]

Jerusalem psychiatrist arrested for sexually assaulting and molesting patients for five years Google Translation: Suspicion: Orthodox psychiatrist disturbed and had sex with patients Orthodox Neve Yaakov presented himself as a psychotherapist being anxious couples, a patient suspected of having committed indecent acts and other women. During interrogation he claimed that he did things without any sexual connotation Haredi attending a patient suspected of defilement and indecent […]

Israeli Psychiatrist Graciela Karmon Sued – Determined Father was Violent and Dangerous to His Children Without Meeting Him

Psychiatrist Finds Man ‘Violent’ without Meeting Him By Gil Ronen November 11, 2013 Psychiatrist Dr. Graciela Karmon of Ramat Hasharon wrote a damaging psychiatric evaluation of a father without ever meeting him, according to daily newspaper Yisrael Hayom. The evaluation determined that the father, who was involved in divorce proceedings, was a violent person and […]