Abdussamed K.

Abdussamed Kose - psychiatrist

Abdussamed Kose – psychiatrist

Arrested for ‘solicitation of minor’ in US, man is now a department head in Turkey
Having served time in prison and with his physician-in-training permit temporarily suspended in Texas for “online solicitation of a minor”, psychiatrist Abdussamed K. is now the head of the psychology department at a university in İstanbul.
By Evrim Kepenek
İstanbul – BIA News Desk
January 15, 2021

Assoc. Prof. Abdussamed K. is reportedly the head of the Psychology Department of Marmara University in İstanbul despite being arrested for “online solicitation of a minor” in the United States (US).

As reported by the PsychSearch website on April 16, 2015, K. engaged in an online chat with an individual who was represented to him as an underage female (minor). The online discussion between him and the minor turned sexual in nature and led K. to travel to her house for sexual purposes.

However, K. did not know that he was actually talking to an an undercover police officer posing as a minor online during an undercover sting operation to identify individuals using the Internet to meet and solicit minors for sex. When he arrived at the minor’s house, he was arrested for “online solicitation of a minor”, which is a felony offense in the state of Texas.

He was then sent to the Harris County jail.

As reported by the local press, “the Homeland Security Investigations, Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, Houston Police Department, Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Harris County PCT 4 Constable’s Office, and Harris County DA Investigators were all involved in an undercover operation that led to the arrests and charges of 12 people for online solicitation of a minor over the weekend on Monday, March 30, 2015, in Houston.”

Around the same time, a Houston-based website also reported that “a Houston physician who was among a dozen men accused of soliciting children for sex has been suspended by the Texas Medical Board.”

According to these news, “the Texas Physician-in-Training permit of Abdussamed K., M.D., was temporarily suspended without notice.”

With his permit suspended in the US, K. has reportedly come back to Turkey and has been appointed as the Head of Psychology Department at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Marmara University.

He uses short version of his name

A psychologist whom we prefer not to name says, “We are tired of helping the lives wrecked by these men to self-heal. How is it possible that this man has been appointed as the head of a department?”

At the website of Marmara University, it is seen that the name of Abdussamed K. is written in a short form as “Samed K.”

When the pictures are compared, it is seen that while he had short hair in the news about his arrest and suspension from profession for “online solicitation of a minor”, his current picture is with long hair and glasses, which raises suspicions about a possible attempt of disguise.

When we called the fixed phone number on the webpage to ask questions about these allegations, there was no one who answered our calls.