University Psychology department head Abdussamed Kose [aka Absüssamed Köse]

Abdussamed Kose - psychiatrist

Abdussamed Kose – psychiatrist

Duvar English
Marmara University Psychology department head arrested for soliciting minor in 2015
January 15 2021

— Excerpt

Absüssamed Köse, a department head at Istanbul’s Marmara University is listed on a sex offender registry in the United States for trying to solicit sex from a minor in the state of Texas, news portal Bianet reported on Jan. 15.

Köse was working as a physician in Houston at the time of his arrest in April 2015, local media reported, and was arrested as a result of an undercover operation online in which a law enforcement officer posed as a minor to catch sex offenders.

“We’re sick of trying to help mend lives ruined by men like this. How could he possibly become a department head?” a therapist who wished to remain anonymous, told Bianet.

The head of Marmara’s Psychology Department, Köse is listed with a shortened version of his name, Samed, in the department registry, and has grown out his hair since 2015…