Anchorage child psychiatrist to serve 3.5 years for $605k medicaid fraud
By Mallory Peebles
July 29, 2015

An Anchorage child psychiatrist was sentenced to seven years in prison Wednesday for medicaid fraud for more than half a million dollars.

Dr. Shubhranjan “Shubu” Ghosh was pinpointed as the mastermind behind a white collar crime that stole around $605,000 from the state of Alaska. Judge Phillip Volland sentenced Ghosh to seven years in prison with half the time suspended. In addition to the three and a half years of jail time, Ghosh is required to pay back $605,000 in restitution.

“Dr. Ghosh could still be committing medicaid fraud this very day but for one honest employee who decided to discover to the state what she learned,” Assistant Attorney General Jonas Walker said in court Wednesday.

An audit revealed the medicaid fraud and a video of Dr. Ghosh discussing the theft with his office manager was uncovered.

According to Ghosh’s defense attorney, Ronald Offret, the office manager was actually the one who took the majority of the stolen money, while pushing Ghosh into action.

“Dr. Ghosh didn’t know really the magnitude of what was going on,” Offret said.

Ghosh entered a guilty plea as part of a plea agreement that confined the jail time to be a maximum of three and a half years in jail. After the sentencing, Ghosh’s attorney asked that Judge Volland reduce the seven-year sentence to fit the agreement.

Judge Volland said he understood the agreement as outlining the maximum jail time to being 3.5 years not the maximum sentence.

Ghosh’s attorney plans to file a motion to either have the sentence reviewed or his clients guilty plea to be revoked.

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