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VA psychiatrist tells Facebook user to ‘off yourself’
By Jacqueline Klimas
July 28, 2015

Gregg Gorton

Psychiatrist Gregg Gorton

A Veterans Affairs psychiatrist allegedly told an online user to “off yourself” over a stance on gun control in a Facebook comment thread, according to an image shared online.

A photo posted to Imgur on Monday night shows one user expressing a pro-gun stance in a Facebook comment thread.

“I am all for gun control,” the user wrote. “If there is a gun in the room, I want to be in control of it.”

Gregg Gorton, whose Facebook profile identifies him as a staff psychiatrist at the Philadelphia Veterans Medical Center, replied: “Off yourself, please.”

The Veterans Affairs website does list Dr. Gorton as a mental and behavior health physician at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center. The website was last updated May 2013.

The VA apologized to all veterans their families for the Facebook post, which they called “completely unacceptable.”

“Our mission is to provide the highest level of medical and mental health care, which is not reflected in the Facebook post,” a VA spokesman told The Washington Times. “The post was totally inappropriate and does not convey our commitment to veterans. We are taking steps immediately to address the situation.”

Gregg Gorton