Peculiar, investigated former primary Psychiatry
Power of attorney, irregular intramoenia and money for certified forgery
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March 29, 2018

Psychiatrist Antonio Colotto

Psychiatrist Antonio Colotto

Antonio Colotto , former director (now retired) of the Department of mental health of the Valle d’Aosta, is being investigated by the aostana prosecutor in an investigation for peculation , forgery and corruption . The ANSA has learned it.

The hypothesis of the investigators is that he has withheld the money (which should have gone to the health care company) of some visits carried out under the freelance profession and received money in exchange for a compliant medical certificate (therefore false according to the investigators) . Two criminal police officers who had entrusted himself to his care were investigated with him for corruption and forgery. During the investigations, clinical documentation was acquired and several people were heard as witnesses. The investigation of the Aosta group of the finance guard is coordinated by the prosecutor Luca Ceccanti, under the aegis of the chief prosecutor Paolo Fortuna.

Defense, accusations that are manifestly unfounded – “I reserve the right to investigate the investigative documents, at first glance it seems to me that the accusations are manifestly unfounded”. So the lawyer Oliviero Guichardaz comments on the notice of conclusion investigations received from his client, Antonio Colotto, former director (now retired) of the mental health department of the Valle d’Aosta.

According to what has been learned, the hypothesis of peculation refers to an alleged damage to the Usl of about 600 euros, accumulated over a period of time: the doctor would not have invoiced the visits to intramoenia, failing to pay for each – as instead is required by law – 10 euros to the health care company.

Corruption and falsehood are hypotheses of crime related to two reports requested by co-investigated police officers: according to the prosecution Colotto had falsely written that the two followed therapies with drugs actually not taken. The price of each corruption, according to the dispute, would have been 100 euros.


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Antonio Colotto