Arthur Reider

The Boston Globe
Medical board acts against 3 doctors
By Betsy Q.M. Tong
December 5, 1992

…In separate disciplinary matters, the board announced actions taken against two other doctors for sexual misconduct with patients. Arthur E. Reider, a psychiatrist in Brookline, was allowed to continue practice on probation after admitting to the misconduct during a period of mental illness.

Dr. Richard Shader, chairman of psychiatry at the New England Medical Center, reached an agreement with the board to confine his practice to research and consultation as well as to perform community service…

Reider experienced delusions that resulted in his making sexual advances to a patient during her treatment, which began in 1977, and then conducting a sexual liaison with her between 1980 and 1982 after terminating therapy, said his attorney, Michael Blau.

The Reider case originally was presented to the board in the mid-1980s, but due to confusion during a reorganization, it reached the decision to stay a suspension only this week. Blau said that Reider voluntarily suspended his practice while undergoing treatment for his mental illness…

… In 1989, Reider was forced to resign from his post as director of the Center for Mental Health and Retardation, a private agency, after the victim filed a malpractice suit…