Tobias Friedman

The Boston Globe
Prosecution mulled in ’70s abuse claims
By Tom Coakley
October 27, 1992

— Excerpt

In the wake of decades-old sexual assault charges filed against James Porter in Bristol County, Salem and Peabody police are investigating a former Massachusetts psychiatrist to determine if he can be prosecuted for allegedly molesting at least two young female patients in the 1970s.

The women making the charges against the psychiatrist, Tobias Friedman, hope to take advantage of the same exception to the state statute of limitations that allowed prosecutors to gain indictments of Porter in September for allegedly molesting children while he was a priest in Massachusetts in the 1960s.

The exception stops the clock on the six-year statute of limitations for most felonies if the person eventually accused of a crime has left the state, as Porter did.

Friedman, 66, left Massachusetts in 1976 for a staff psychiatrist’s job at a Shreveport, La., veterans hospital…

Friedman relinquished his licenses in 1989 after four women – including Bowen – brought sexual misconduct charges against him to the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine…