The Miami Herald
December 10, 1982

A Boca Raton psychiatrist accused of seducing a patient is being made the scapegoat for her failed marriage, his father, a Miami attorney, said Thursday.

Attorneys for Patrick Harrington and his ex-wife, Lynn, say Dr. Beltran J. Pages destroyed the couple’s already troubled marriage by turning therapy sessions with the wife into sexual encounters.

“We are going to deny everything,” said Osvaldo Jimenez-Pages, father of the 31-year-old Psychiatrist. “None of it is true. We have nothing to repent.”

In a suit filed this week, Patrick Harrington accused Pages of breaking a state law that prohibits physicians from sexual misconduct with their patients.

Lynn Harrington also plans to sue Pages, her attorney said Thursday. Most of the allegations will be the same as in her ex-husband’s suit, lawyer Julie Ann Rico said.

“This is all prefabricated. An entrapment,” Pages’ father said. “They got together for the purpose of having somebody to blame for their marriage’s failure.”

Pages, a former chief psychiatric resident at Jackson Memorial Hospital, has “a very high level of ethics” and would not engage in sexual misconduct, his father said.

“He is very highly regarded here,” said an official in Jackson Memorial’s psychiatric training program. “He still comes in and does consultations for us.”

“I never found anything wrong with him, either personally or in a professional way,” said Nelson Torres, administrator of a Miami clinic where Pages worked briefly following his graduation from a medical school in Saragosa, Spain.

Pages, who is married and has one child, has been licensed to practice in Florida since February, 1980, according to state records. He never has been disciplined for professional misconduct, said Diana Hull, spokesman for the Florida Board of Medical Examiners.

Beltran Pages