Bernard Calamy

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Montpellier: twelve years in prison for the former psychiatrist who raped girls in the Gard
September 10, 2022

— Excerpt

Bernard Calamy, 84, retired in Sauve, was declared guilty by the jurors of Hérault on Friday, after his appeal trial, where he had been sentenced to 13 years in prison, was broken in Avignon.

His denials and his wavering memory will not have been enough. The Assize Court of Hérault sentenced Friday, September 9 a former Parisian psychiatrist, having retired in the Cévennes, to twelve years of criminal imprisonment for the rapes committed on two girls aged under fifteen, and a young woman considered particularly vulnerable.

He only recognized inappropriate gestures
Bernard Calamy, 84, admitted lip service during his trial to certain inappropriate gestures, while denying having committed rape. This figure of the antipsychiatry of the 70s , who devoted a large part of his career to the treatment of addictions, had retired to Sauve, in the Cévennes, where he continued to receive fragile people for therapy sessions. At the same time, he also abused girls around him, during stays at his home…