Suburban psychiatrist’s license suspended after claims of inappropriate contact with patient
October 18, 2017
By Meghan Dwyer

Psychiatrist Blaise Wolfrum

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. — A Schaumburg psychiatrist has had his medical license suspended after state regulators said he had inappropriate contact with a young patient and was not following the rules for prescribing controlled substances.

The state said he’s a danger to the public. He said they don’t have all the facts.

Psychiatrist Blaise Wolfrum is the medical director at Behavioral Health Associates in Schaumburg. He said he has successfully treated thousands of patients and helped them with drug addictions. But the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation suspended his license on Wednesday saying he’s a danger to the public.

According to state records he violated boundaries with a young patient by touching and massaging her knees, hands, and midriff and hugging her for too long at the end of her appointments.

They also claim he prescribed controlled substances to a long-time patient who had a drug problem. State regulators sent an undercover patient to the doctor last year.

In a statement, Dr. Wolfrum said this is a temporary suspension until a scheduled hearing later this month. He said the state has never heard his side of the story nor do they have a complete set of records that will show the doctor’s professional performance in dealing with some of the most difficult and complicated patients.

WGN spoke with the doctor. He said he didn’t want to do an interview but he said the state hasn’t even asked him about these allegations. He said things were taken way out of context. He said his practice does good work and he hopes to be able to continue that work in the future.

Blaise Wolfrum

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