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Sarthe: a psychiatrist suspended for 3 months for displaced gestures
October 19, 2017

Psychiatrist Jean Paul Guittet

Dr Jean-Paul Guittet, a psychiatrist in Le Mans, was sentenced by the disciplinary chamber of the order of doctors to three months suspended exercise, according to information from France Bleu Maine. An elderly patient accuses the practitioner of having raped her in 1989. “I was 27 years old at the time. I talked to my attending physician who listened to me but did nothing!” She cries. She filed a complaint in 2015, while other patients denounced the actions of Dr. Guittet. But the facts are prescribed. She therefore seized the order of the doctors of the Sarthe. The Disciplinary Chamber is convened in November 2016.

Denying the act of rape, the psychiatrist recognizes gestures “like taking women in my arms, but nothing sexual”. And this is what the president of the council, Dr. Joly, reproaches him for. “To take a patient in her arms or to stroke her hair is already contrary to the code of ethics of medicine. And that’s why the doctor is suspended for 3 months.”

The Chamber did not uphold the charge of rape for lack of evidence. But she believes the testimony of the credible patient. Dr. Joly considers that “there should no longer be any period of limitation in these cases which fall within the jurisdiction of the Assize Court. Such serious acts should not fall within the jurisdiction of a professional court which does not have the means to investigate an investigating judge “. The patient was “disgusted” with the decision of the order that was already seized in 2008 by another patient of Jean-Paul Guittet, without a penalty being pronounced. The psychiatrist has a month to appeal. Its suspension is scheduled to start on 1 January.

Jean Paul Guittet

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