Chan Herng Nieng

The Straits Times
Woman who had affair with psychiatrist sues ex-lover for prescribing ‘addictive’ pills
By Selina Lum
April 19, 2022

— Excerpt

SINGAPORE – A woman who had an affair with her psychiatrist is suing him for negligence, alleging that her former lover had freely prescribed “highly addictive” pills to her for anxiety without registering her as his patient.

Ms Serene Tiong alleged that she became addicted to antidepressant drug Xanax and suffered side effects such as drowsiness and aggression because Dr Chan Herng Nieng had given her pills without ensuring that she would not become addicted to the drug.

Ms Tiong, 43, is seeking unspecified damages from Dr Chan, 47, in a case that opened in the High Court on Tuesday (April 19) for an eight-day hearing…