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Macomb Daily
Ex-Marine from Macomb County alleges sexual abuse by female VA psychiatrist
By Jameson Cook
April 5, 2022

— Excerpt

A female psychiatrist at the U.S. Veterans Administration hospital is accused of having a sexual relationship with a male ex-Marine who was being treated by her for PTSD and brain injury due to his combat experience.

U.S. District Judge Gerschwin Drain recently upheld most of the claims by ex-Marine Trey Cholewa of Macomb County against Dr. Jennifer R. Robinson and the federal government for Robinson’s alleged sexual relationship with Cholewa, who was Robinson’s patient, in 2017 at the John D. Dingell VA Medical Center in Detroit…

VA officials initially rebuffed Cholewa and his complaints but fired Robinson after they were presented with an audio recording made by Cholewa in which Robinson says she is falling in love with him when he asks why she was kissing and fondling him, Johnson said…

“Robinson actively attempted to hide her misconduct by placing her trash can outside her office so the janitor would not interrupt them and having Plaintiff come straight to her office for his appointments without checking in at the front desk,” Cholewa testified in his deposition, according to the complaint.

Robinson, who was married, failed to record the extra-curricular visits that amounted to about twice per week whereas he was scheduled to meet with her once per month, the lawsuit says. She documented 21 visits, documents state.

Every of the 10 to 20 visits during those four to five months resulted in sexual conduct, the lawsuit alleges…


U.S. District Court – Trey Cholewa v. USA and Jennifer Robinson