Edward Askren

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution
Psychiatrist is disciplined in sex case; License suspended a month for intimacies with patient in 1981
By Steve Sternberg
April 4, 1991

— Excerpt

The medical license of Dr. Edward L. Askren III, a psychiatrist who had admitted having sex with a patient, was temporarily suspended Wednesday by the Composite State Board of Medical Examiners.

The one-month suspension will be followed by five years of probation during which Dr. Askren must undergo psychotherapy, must be supervised by another psychiatrist – and may not see any patient without a licensed therapist in the room, officials said.

Andrew Watry, the board’s executive director, said the doctor must bear the expense of his therapy and supervision – and pay a $ 1,500 fine…

Miss Hickey filed a complaint against the doctor in 1989, alleging that he had taken advantage of her vulnerability and dependency on him and had sex with her twice in 1981. Dr. Askren had admitted under oath previously that he had sex with Miss Hickey…