Marc Talisman

Los Angeles Times
Psychiatrist Accused of Sex with Two Patients
By Lanie Jones
February 26, 1991

— Excerpt

The Medical Board of California has accused a longtime county Health Care Agency psychiatrist of gross negligence for allegedly having sexual relations with two patients, one only 17 years old.

The board, which monitors the professional conduct of the state’s physicians, is seeking to revoke or suspend the license of Marc Z. Talisman, 45, a part-time psychiatrist in the county’s Mission Viejo mental health office for 10 years.

Under ethical cannons, psychiatrists are not supposed to have any personal relationship with a patient — not even friendships — because the therapeutic environment can be harmed.

Talisman was busy with patients Monday and could not be reached for comment…

… the Medical Board charged that Talisman became sexually involved with Karen M., his patient of four years, when she was 17.

That relationship continued until late 1982 or early 1983, the board said. But in July, 1984, the young woman’s parents kicked her out of the house when they allegedly found a letter from Talisman discussing the sexual relationship.

She then moved in with Talisman and lived with him until December, 1984, the complaint states. According to the Medical Board accusations, she also lived with Talisman from 1986 to 1989 and during that time he “periodically wrote Karen M. prescriptions for Parnate,” an antidepressant.